Over the past few weeks I have felt the power of online community so much and it has gotten me through one of the toughest and scariest times I have had As you may know on the 11th Feb I went to Specsavers as I had a blinding headace and blurred vision in my left eye, I just thought I needed new glasses, but it turned out not, they sent me to the doctor's who in turn sent me to A&E, due to covid I had to go in by myself. So after the waiting I got told it was probably a stroke, tumor or bleed on the brain, I am literally like WTF I just thought I needed new glasses. So they admitted me and did every test under the sun, twice to be safe and thankfully it was none of the above, but on the Saturday while I was in hospital I got the news that my uncle has passed away, he was a good soul as we say back home, he never had kids so us nephews and nieces where his kids, this blind sided me. Thoughout of this, there was this community of people most of whom believe it or not

Death by Email

 The old saying death by PowerPoint, I'm now saying it's death by email During this lockdown it feels that the number of emails that we are getting have skyrocketed, I was on a 20 minute call yesterday and when I checked my email at the end there was 17 emails I kid you not.  This isn't a one off it's the normal,  It's making staff feel more overwhelmed when they already have a 100 things to do. To be honest we mostly skim read emails now, with the thought what do I have to do? and if we don't have to do anything then we tend not to take the information in thinking that's not to do with me. The scary thing is though we could miss something important in all this noise.  So my pledge this week is to try and send less emails and I'm going to phone people to have the human interaction and hopefully replace bouncing around emails back and fourth